I have a spinning wheel !!

How exciting !!!

I do not know how to use it, I’ve never seen one being used but I have a spinning wheel hahahhaa

One of my lovely friends saw a post i put on Facebook about one I saw and wanted and so she bought it for me. It’s a partnership ownership between us hehehhee I’ll repay her in yarn she said LOL !!

I cannot wait to get my eager hands on some beautiful fleece and get spinning.

Oh i’m already dreaming of the gorgeous delights to come in the future !

I might name her Kylie…. you know… I’m spinning around, look out of my way ….. hahaha


photo 3

The books will come in handy i'm sure !

The books will come in handy i’m sure !


photo 2



Casting on …. Western Hills – The Blanket

Well I did finally cast this one on properly and not frog it hehe and it’s such a FAST knit too !! It’s so joyful although I might of been wiser choosing my colour layout better … oh well. It’s so happy and I’m sure it’ll look amazing when finished.

Just a reminder. This is the yarn I am using to knit this. I have ordered more of the same wool because I want it a decent size with some left over to make some happy Winter cardi’s for Ali too.

Candy Apple Lane

Candy Apple Lane

My work has grown a bit since this photo yesterday….


Isn't it GORGEOUS =D =D

Isn’t it GORGEOUS =D =D


I cannot wait until it is finished and blocked so that the gorgeous detail stands out neatly as it should.

Give it a go… did I mention it’s a FREE pattern ?! Check it out HERE

I’ll update you as I go


There has been progress =D

There has been progress =D

A quick update

I’m sorry for the silence on the blog lately, there has been SO much happening around the house that honestly I haven’t had a chance to even remember to write let along get anything made.

I did get this gorgeous little Tane knitted for Ali though, knitted up in Pumpkin luxury wool from Bendigo Woollen Mills. This is one of my favourite little short sleeved jumpers to make. Perfect for layering when the weather starts to cool




I have also cast on and had to frog a Western Hills Blanket a few times… The first time because the kids messed up my counting, the second because I accidentally pulled the needle out of the work and the third because I was using the DK instructions for my Worsted yarn ARGHHHH

Try number 4 will be attempted today if I can get a chance!

I’m using these gorgeous mini skeins from Candy Apple Lane to make it. I have 2 sets of 7 approximately 20g skeins here to start with and another 4 on order from her. If that’s not enough i’ll get more made :P They’re such delightfully bright and cheerful colours so it’ll be worth the investment. I’m going to make it in the cot blanket/throw size.

Candy Apple Lane

Candy Apple Lane

Ive made some progress on Mister Elias’s Charlie vest, though it’s slow going because I rarely think to knit it. And my sky blanket has been put onto the back burner for some time ( I don’t know why )

Does anyone else find they swing back and forth through projects like I do ?

Well…… I’ll TRY not to cast anything else on for a while…

Unless it’s a scarf……. hehe

Casting on…. Easy as it goes….

Kelly Casanova from Kelly Casanova Textile and Fibre artist posted a link to a blog on her Facebook page about a blog post she read about where the lady started a many years long project knitting up scraps of worsted weight yarn into a blanket. A memory blanket if you want a name for it, I figured this is such a GREAT idea so I casted one on too =D

It’s going to be the perfect project for them days where I want to knit but I don’t want to think about what i’m doing, no counting stitches, no worrying about eyelets or any type of stitch except knit.

I might unravel the baby clothes after Ali has grown out of them too and add them to the blanket to keep forever. What a delightfully beautiful project this will be ! I cannot wait to see it grow.

Here is the original blog post that Kelly showed to us all http://www.soulemama.com/soulemama/2014/01/still-knitting.html

Here is my cast on, I made it a little bigger with 250 stitches cast on. Why? I don’t know hahhaa

Cast on... memory knitted blanket for me

Cast on… memory knitted blanket for me

Why not make one too, it will be so lovely to snuggle into many years down the track and remember my little baby snuggled up inside all of the delightful little things I have previously made for him.

Thanks Kelly, You are amazing :)


I’m still plodding along with this long term project as wool becomes available to use. I expect it to take many years and will show photo’s as it grows

Casting on…. Sky Blanket

Well I WAS using my gorgeous little Mini Skeins from Toomuc Valley Yarns to knit a Beekeepers Quilt – see it HERE but them darned little hexipuffs drove me batty so I’m making a Sky Blanket instead – See it HERE


Photo taken from RAVELRY.COM

Photo taken from RAVELRY.COM

It will be considerably larger than the pattern tells you to make though because I have many many little skeins to use up for it and who knows, maybe i’ll buy MORE to make it even bigger then it’ll fit our bed =D

My mini skeins for the project:

MINI SKEINS... gorgeous bundles of colourful JOY

MINI SKEINS… gorgeous bundles of colourful JOY

All laid out

All laid out

I’ll keep you updated.

A very lovely layby

I paid these gorgeous needles off from the Tansy Yarn Company and today I’m going to use them for the first time.

oh they’re adorable and they feel incredible in my hand =D I’m not sure what to make first though hehe

Limited Editions :P

Limited Editions :P

Pretties !!!  My preciousssssss hahahaha

Pretties !!! My preciousssssss hahahaha

Comes with a certificate WOW ... feels special

Comes with a certificate WOW … feels special



My Latest Deliveries

I have always wanted some DPNS to make little booties and teddies etc… with. And NOW I have some and i’m so so so excited !!

I also was delivered 4 more packs of Toomuc Valley Yarn’s gorgeous little Mini Skeins. I can’t wait to use them up but omg so many other WIP’s and projects ahead of me first !!

I also am planning to make some pretty washcloths to give with some beautiful soap from Kitty Made for the end of year gifts to my son Ishaq’s Kindy teacher and teacher’s assistant, so I have bought some beautiful cotton to make them with.

beautiful and so many different sizes

beautiful and so many different sizes

Close up

Close up


MINI SKEINS... gorgeous bundles of colourful JOY

MINI SKEINS… gorgeous bundles of colourful JOY

Egyptian cotton and normal cotton

Egyptian cotton and normal cotton