26th January, Casting on…

On the 26th I began making a Sheepy Sack from HERE on Ravelry.com. I am making it with my 70’s Hangover Yarn from Forest Hills Yarns.

This project is a wonderful one if you want a mindless knit. I am enjoying being able to keep my hands busy but my mind empty. Perfect as a stress reliever or when you want to take a project out to work on in a queue somewhere and don’t want to have to keep referring to a pattern.

Sheepy Sack photo from Ravelry.com

Sheepy Sack photo from Ravelry.com

I am a little bit more along than the photo’s I will put up here, I guess i’m about 50% through now.


An easy beginning is good for me.

about 20% through here

about 20% through here

Will update again soon when completed. I’m not picking up the yarn much these days. Kids have my attention constantly so it’s taking time.

And FINISHED !! I love it =D

My completed Sheepy Sack

My completed Sheepy Sack


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