Casting on XOXO Baby Blanket for baby

I have always wanted to make a blanket by myself and I found this gorgeous little pattern HERE at It’s so very very sweet for a babe.

I’m going to knit it using Bendigo Woollen Mills Luxury wool in Frost and Citrus. Gorgeous white and yellow for my little prince to come.

Blanket photo from

Blanket photo from

Her pattern asks you to make the squares in rows but I’m doing them singularly and in rows depending upon my mood and if I have another project I want to do.

Here’s my first square.

CUTEEEEE  !!Hugs and Kisses to my son <3

Hugs and Kisses to my son ❤

Can’t wait to show you progress pics on this one as I go along 🙂

I’m enjoying this little blanket and i’m now halfway through !!  Can’t wait to back it with something soft and then put some satin around the edge… well that’s the plan 😉  so long as I don’t get too distracted before baby comes !

Halfway through !

Halfway through !

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