A dress for a friend’s baby girl

One of my closest friends is having a baby girl next January and so i’m on the hunt for a pretty little dress to gift to her.

I have found this dress called Dana from Ravelry.com. I’m not sure if I can accomplish it though because of the lace work but it’s so delightful that I have to give it a go !

Dana from Ravelry.com

Dana from Ravelry.com

I’m going to be using the gorgeous skein from Toomuc valley yarns for it, you can see the post for that purchase HERE 

For the Dana dress !!

For the Dana dress !!

I’ll keep you updated as I go 🙂



2 thoughts on “A dress for a friend’s baby girl

  1. kelandpat2013 says:

    I was surprised when I knitted lace for the first time – it really wasn’t that hard! I had the option of reading a chart or using written instructions, I had no idea when looking at the chart, but the instructions were fine. That is one pretty little dress!

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