A quick update

I’m sorry for the silence on the blog lately, there has been SO much happening around the house that honestly I haven’t had a chance to even remember to write let along get anything made.

I did get this gorgeous little Tane knitted for Ali though, knitted up in Pumpkin luxury wool from Bendigo Woollen Mills. This is one of my favourite little short sleeved jumpers to make. Perfect for layering when the weather starts to cool




I have also cast on and had to frog a Western Hills Blanket a few times… The first time because the kids messed up my counting, the second because I accidentally pulled the needle out of the work and the third because I was using the DK instructions for my Worsted yarn ARGHHHH

Try number 4 will be attempted today if I can get a chance!

I’m using these gorgeous mini skeins from Candy Apple Lane to make it. I have 2 sets of 7 approximately 20g skeins here to start with and another 4 on order from her. If that’s not enough i’ll get more made 😛 They’re such delightfully bright and cheerful colours so it’ll be worth the investment. I’m going to make it in the cot blanket/throw size.

Candy Apple Lane

Candy Apple Lane

Ive made some progress on Mister Elias’s Charlie vest, though it’s slow going because I rarely think to knit it. And my sky blanket has been put onto the back burner for some time ( I don’t know why )

Does anyone else find they swing back and forth through projects like I do ?

Well…… I’ll TRY not to cast anything else on for a while…

Unless it’s a scarf……. hehe


2 thoughts on “A quick update

  1. The Tane is gorgeous!
    Hopefully you’ll be able to get stuck into your blanket this time – I’m only doing the bassinet size and it’s still the largest thing I’ve ever knit! The mini skeins are gorgeous – I’ve been dyeing my colours as I go, currently waiting for green to dry 😉

    • I love the Tane but it’d be nicer if I’d block it hahaha I hate blocking 😛

      Maybe I should just do the Bassinet size… it’ll be big enough for him to carry around then and not so big as to be huge.

      Lucky you able to dye up the colours you want to make!! I have a heap of cream coloured luxury BWM yarn here but STILL i’m to buy the dyes LOLOL

      I can’t wait to see your blanket =D

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