Casting on…. A Traditional Throw

I mentioned a while ago that I purchased a custom lot of skeins to make a blanket out of.

My colour inspiration for the custom order. Glorious Autumn !!

My colour inspiration for the custom order. Glorious Autumn !!

I have FINALLY found the blanket i’m going to knit with it.

A Traditional Throw from You can see the pattern HERE There have been many different patterns that I have considered but I wanted it to look simple, to be quite elegant and just warm and snuggly. I was tempted to make different mitred squares or different styles of knitted squares and add them together but I thought that it would look fussy. I want the emphasis to be on the WOOL and not on the pattern its self. Does that make sense?

This is a photo from ravelry showing the throw that I plan to make.

Photo from

Photo from

I don’t like the stripes though, again I want the emphasis to be on the beautiful yarn and not on anything else so I think i’ll just leave them sections as cream coloured yarn.

I’ll update you as I go…..

A cowl for myself

I’ve never completed anything for myself. I wanted to make a hat but I didn’t like the pattern and the scarf I started ages ago seemed rather childlike to me. I’m not fussy, I just don’t know what I LIKE ! Is that weird?

I love this though. It’s such a beautiful Cowl and I cannot wait until it’s completed.

I am using one of my gorgeous burnt orange skeins from a secret dyer 😛 I promised not to “out” her for doing the customs for me.

The photo does not truly represent the colour, it’s such a delightful burnt orange, think of Autumn leaves. I adore it so much.

I’m finding out the favourite colours of my sister in laws, mother in law and grandmother in law to knit them one each. Winter is coming in Morocco now and it should arrive to them just as the cold starts. I hope they love it as much as I do.

My progress. 3/4 of the way through

Taken at night so is quite dark sorry.

Taken at night so is quite dark sorry.

Planned blanket project

I just put in an order for some custom wool in gorgeous Autumn colours to knit a cot blanket for Ali. I have promised not to say who is making the yarn for me but when it comes I will show photos.

I have ordered 2 skeins each of 100g DK wool in the colours Green, Deep red, Burnt orange, Brown and cream for this blanket.

I am going to use them colours to knit the Cousins Mitre square blanket I love the simplicity of it and the colours in this pattern will be delightful !

I cant wait to show you updates to this project.

I love this !!

I love this !! Photo from

My colour inspiration. Glorious Autumn !!

My colour inspiration. Glorious Autumn !!