Beyond Puerperium

I made this GORGEOUS little cardigan for Ali this week. He looks so beautiful wearing it too. I used some of my Custom Yarn from Lanie at Forest Hill Hand Dyed Yarns.


In Three’s Cardigan

I am so much in love with the In Three’s Cardigan that I thought i’d make my little man another one. You can see a couple more that I have made in this link HERE. This time I used the delicious Stellar yarn from Bendigo Woollen mills in the colour Moonstone. This is so fluid like to knit with, it really flies off of the needles. And it has a gorgeous lustre that I havent seen in yarn before. It is made from 50% wool and 50% bamboo so you can just imagine for yourself how soft and gorgeous it is.

In Three's. No buttons as yet.

In Three’s. No buttons as yet.

In Three's

January 17th…. Casting on.

Today I am going to knit this GORGEOUS little cardi for the baby. The pattern is called Baby Vertebrae and you can buy it HERE for only $5 This is another Kelly Brooker pattern. If you want a nice pattern you REALLY need to see her work. So beautiful, I adore them.

Picture from So SWEET !

Picture from

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My pretty Lagoon wool

I’m knitting this using a 4mm circular and using some stunning wool from Never Ending Obsessions called Lagoon. It’s a DK Superwash. It is only 100grams and 246 Yards… I hope it’s enough o_0 otherwise it’s 3/4 sleeves hahahhaa

Here we go…..

FINALLY I have finished with the increases and now it’s onto the main body of the Cardi…

Progress shot

Progress shot

Finished this a while ago but without home internet I was unable to update ARGHHHH

This was a fun little project and I learnt how to cast on from a raw edge and continue knitting from it which was good. It’s great to learn more.

Here is my Baby Vertebrae 🙂

Almost finished.

Almost finished.

WOOOHOOOO I did IT !!  I love this =D Can't wait to see baby wearing it.

I love this =D Can’t wait to see baby wearing it.

I really loved this project. Be sure to check it out on Ravelry.