Casting on…. Easy as it goes….

Kelly Casanova from Kelly Casanova Textile and Fibre artist posted a link to a blog on her Facebook page about a blog post she read about where the lady started a many years long project knitting up scraps of worsted weight yarn into a blanket. A memory blanket if you want a name for it, I figured this is such a GREAT idea so I casted one on too =D

It’s going to be the perfect project for them days where I want to knit but I don’t want to think about what i’m doing, no counting stitches, no worrying about eyelets or any type of stitch except knit.

I might unravel the baby clothes after Ali has grown out of them too and add them to the blanket to keep forever. What a delightfully beautiful project this will be ! I cannot wait to see it grow.

Here is the original blog post that Kelly showed to us all

Here is my cast on, I made it a little bigger with 250 stitches cast on. Why? I don’t know hahhaa

Cast on... memory knitted blanket for me

Cast on… memory knitted blanket for me

Why not make one too, it will be so lovely to snuggle into many years down the track and remember my little baby snuggled up inside all of the delightful little things I have previously made for him.

Thanks Kelly, You are amazing 🙂


I’m still plodding along with this long term project as wool becomes available to use. I expect it to take many years and will show photo’s as it grows

YAY Finally some yarn with bamboo !!

Once again I am buying some lusciousness from Kelly Casanova. See her gorgeous etsy store HERE 

Kelly advertised a pretty skein of 50% Bamboo and 50% Wool on her Facebook page at a great price so I thought I would pick it up to knit something for my friend’s babe. I can almost feel the squishyness of the bamboo and wool combination already!

oh I love you my friend BAMBOO !!

oh I love you my friend BAMBOO !!

To go with this Kelly offered me another skein at a good price from her store to make the postage worth it. *snickers* it’s ALWAYS worth it for yarn 😉 so I chose this, I don’t know what I’ll do with it yet …..

Kelly Casanova prettiness

Kelly Casanova prettiness

Have you tried her yarn yet? you won’t be disappointed, believe me !!