I DID IT =D …. and then not so much haha

My FIRST granny square made with Bendigo Woollen Mills pink luxury wool yarn.

*does a happy dance*

I’m trying a different type tonight hehe


My first daisy try. With colour changes :P Not bad, not bad... not good either but not bad hahahaha

My first daisy try. With colour changes 😛
Not bad, not bad… not good either but not bad hahahaha


I’m thinking to start learning to Crochet. I keep intending to learn but then I get side tracked by the kids or something else that NEEDS doing.

Are there any tried and true ways you have learnt to do it? I want so much to make the gorgeous toys that my friends do with crochet and them fun hats. Now I do KNOW that I can do these things by knitting but crochet seems like such a wonderful talent to have in my “craft bag” as it may….

I’ve been given a couple of links to learn by from some wonderful friends. But i’m not sure, I just don’t seem to be able to make it CLICK…

Does anyone have any hints to share with me?

Should I start with a certain weight of yarn? cotton or wool? a certain sized hook? ANY hints are appreciated.

I’ll be sure to share my failures and hopefully successes with you as I did with knitting 🙂

I’m going to be using Bob Wilson’s channel on YouTube to learn. Here it is if you wish to learn along with me 🙂