A very lovely layby

I paid these gorgeous needles off from the Tansy Yarn Company and today I’m going to use them for the first time.

oh they’re adorable and they feel incredible in my hand =D I’m not sure what to make first though hehe

Limited Editions :P

Limited Editions 😛

Pretties !!!  My preciousssssss hahahaha

Pretties !!! My preciousssssss hahahaha

Comes with a certificate WOW ... feels special

Comes with a certificate WOW … feels special



New Yarn for the boys

Tansy Yarn Company had a delicious Yarn update and because i’m on the hunt for some yarn to make jumpers for my bigger boys I saw some delicious new stuff and I bought it. ( ok that sentence is SO badly written )


This is what I bought

2 x 100g skeins of OMG Baby Alpaca !!

So many people have raved about how soft and super squishy this is so I cannot wait to feel it for myself ❤



2 x 100g skeins and matching trim of BFL 10ply.

It’s beautiful perfect for my boys !!!

gorgeous BFL !

gorgeous BFL !