2 in 1 easy swaddler

This swaddler is a great idea for them cold winter nights when you want baby toasty warm. None of my boys have ever liked being swaddled so I have decided I will not add the “wings” to this pattern. They have always enjoyed their arms free out of the blankets so I will wait to see how our new little one enjoys to sleep before I knit the remaining part of this pattern. This pattern is from ravelry.com and you can buy it for $4.00 HERE

Swaddler from ravelry.com


First part

First part

Here is what I made…

I will put the buttons on but I have to buy some cute ones first.

Minus buttons. I still am to put on

Minus buttons.


Kicking Sack

My next project is a Le Sacque Jacquard Kicking Sack from Ravelry.com and you can buy the pattern HERE for $2.99

Le Sacque Jacquard Kicking Sack

This was a nice fast knit with plenty of practice on ribbing and knit stitch. I enjoyed it and knowing how handy it will be once baby comes I am definitely going to make more. I wasn’t ready to try to alternate colours like the original so I did it all in Pumpkin Luxury wool from Bendigowoollenmills.com.au

I did not make many mistakes with this sack, A mistaken stitch here and there but that’s about it. My confidence is growing by the day !


Bonny Baby

My next project is a gorgeous little knit called Bonny and you can buy it for $2.50 from HERE

Bonny from ravelry.com

This was slightly more challenging for me but so much fun. After making the Milo vest  I was confident enough to try more of this style of pattern.

I knitted this one with a Luxury wool from bendigowoollenmills.com.au in Turquoise

My knit

My knit

Sweet little hat

My second project is a sweet simple to knit in the round hat called For Eliana. It is a FREE Ravelry pattern that you can find HERE


Hat from Ravelry.com

Hat from Ravelry.com


I wanted a hat I can knit easily to match my Milo vest. At the time the only yarn I had was two balls one in Koala and another in Purple storm.

I would of loved to make the hat so bright as in the photo but up until now I did not have any wool to do so.

It was a nice easy pattern to learn from, and for my second project and FIRST hat project I think I did well.


A bit cute huh =D Can’t wait to make another one in brighter colours !

Do you have a simple and sweet baby hat pattern to try?

My first project

My very first project was a Milo Vest. This pattern is from Ravelry.com and you can buy it for $5 right HERE

The milo vest from Ravelry.com

The milo vest from Ravelry.com


This was a wonderful first project, it was so tricky for me though but I had my friends Danni and Meg helping me along. I didn’t knit the cable though, that kinda spooked me and it still does I will try that when my self esteem is higher and I feel ready to challenge myself a little bit further.

Here is my attempt.


Not bad for a first try =D  The hem is quite tight because I didn’t cast on loosely enough and the stitches are messy but I think it’s GREAT !!

I used a Luxury wool in Koala from bendigowoollenmills.com.au to knit up this vest. I am going to make another one very soon.

Have you made a Milo? did you enjoy the pattern?